Friday, December 13, 2013

JV Awards Banquet

Come and Celebrate!
This year's JV awards banquet 
will take place this Monday, Dec.16th,
in the commons from 5:30--7:00 PM.
Please come dressed in your speech clothes and 
bring your parents.
The varsity team and all of your mentors 
will be there to celebrate with you!
It is a dessert potluck,
so bring something yummy to share. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013



***  RESULTS ***

Helena Dusty Roads Invitational    
December 6-7, 2013

1st Bozeman: 146
2nd Flathead: 123.5
3rd Glacier: 121

We had a total of 23 finalists:

EXPOSITORY:  Michael Rutledge (4th Place), Steele Jochim (6th), Kodee Wagner (8th)

ORATORY:  Daniel Sierra (3rd), Maija Hadwin (6th)

MPA: Mallaorie Mason (6th) Brooke Wahlert (7th)

DUO INTERP:  Alexandara Zografos/Micah Moore (5th)

HOI:  Ethan Hall (4th), Micah Liehr (7th)

SOI: Zach Timm (1st Place),  Jhalen Salazar (4th)

EXTEMP:  Eli Cornell  (1st Place), Katie Weed (2nd), Wyatt McGillen (4th)

IMPROMPTU:  Sarah Ward (1st Place), Wyatt McGillen (2nd) Aliina Gregerson (3rd)

VLD:  Sophia Skwarchuk (3rd), Alaina Mothershead (6th)

LEGI:  Rebecca Bruce (4th), MaKenna Marvin (6th)

* Pride Award Winners: Jhalen Salazar and Steele Jochim
Next up . . .  Bozeman
Jan. 10-11


Libby Invitational  
Dec. 7, 2013
1st Place: Flathead
2nd Place: Glacier
We had a total of 6 finalists:

POLICY DEBATE: Ava Munzing & Meredith Iams (4th)
IMPROMPTU: Ashlie Wise (5th)
EXTEMP:  Cody Bowen  (7th), Stephanie Woodland (8th place) 
HOI:  Cassidy Brown (7th)
EXPOSITORY:  Tommy Diegel (6th), Theo Guizol (8th place)  
SOI: Katie Keller (2nd), Heidi Griffin (8th)
MPA:  James Early (5th), Kristy Metcalfe (6th)

* Pride Award Winners: James Early & Heidi Griffin
Next up . . .  Polson
Dec. 14th


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Helena/Libby Travel Info

Helena’s Dusty Roads Invitational
Dec 6-7, 2013

Students will be school sponsored for the full day Friday, and the bus will leave from FHS at 7:30 AM sharp. DON’T BE LATE. Our expected return is sometime between 11:00 PM and midnight on Saturday—we’ll have the kids call when we reach Lakeside.

We will be staying at the Helena Comfort Inn
# 443-1000

Coaches Attending:       
Mrs. O’Donnell, Mr. Antley, Mrs. Williams, Ms. Glazier, Mr. Stephens, Ms. Niva, Mr. O’Donnell, Mr. Meyers
Tourney Schedule:                   All Events at Capital High School 
Friday, November 30th                        Saturday, December 1st 
Round I            4:00 pm                        Round IV                      8:00 am
Round II          6:00 pm                        Round V                        10:00am
Round III         8:00pm                         Quarters                      12:30 pm
                                                          Semis                           2:30 pm
                                                          Finals                           4:30 pm


Round I            4:00pm                         Round IV                      8:00am
Round II          6:00pm                         Round V                        10:00am
Round III         8:00pm                         Sems                            1:00 pm
                                                          Finals                          3:00 pm

Extemp draw will be held 30 minutes before each round

Awards ceremony will be held at 6
Helena Capital Auditorium


Libby Logger Invitational
Dec. 7, 2013

The bus will leave from FHS at 5:30 AM sharp. DON’T BE LATE. Our expected return is sometime between 9:00-10:00 PM —we’ll have the kids call when we get close.

Coaches Attending:                     
Ms. Cummings, Mrs. Inselman, Mrs. Gustafson, Ms. Woodman

Tourney Schedule:              

Speech /Drama

Round I



Draw - 8:00

Round II



Draw - 9:30

Round III
Draw - 11:00
Round IV
Draw - 1:00
Draw –2:30

AWARDS- will be in the gym @ 5:30 pm or as soon as the final results are tabulated.

Depending on numbers, all events will be held at the High School.

Concessions: Breakfast foods will be available for purchase and they will be providing lunches (either a slice of pizza or sub sandwich with fruit) for $5 if you want to purchase your lunch there.

Other Items: You may dress comfortably on the bus, but you must change into and remain in competition clothes throughout the day (including the awards). Speech Students: remember your KITCHEN TIMER!