Monday, December 19, 2016

Western Regional Results


Flathead finished 2ND
 We had a total of 37 finalists:

INFORMATIVETristan Phillips (4th), Julia Wynne (5th) 

ORATORY:  Rebecca Vance (2nd), Emma Thompson (3rd), America Mason (7th), Kaitlyn Dittmer (8th)

MPA: Nick Weaver (3rd), Riley Jochim (4th)

DIKorbyn Howe (7th), Moriah Schutt (8th)
HI: Hunter Driear (4th), Kayli Burback (5th)
Duo: Toby Diegel/Annie Burtsfield (3rd), Conrad Hedinger/Rebecca Vance (5th)

Program Oral Interp: Nikki Sauter (2nd)

Impromptu: Sophia Skwarchuk (3rd), Carolina Sierra (4th), Reed Miller (7th)
Extemp: Sophia Skwarchuk (3rd), Sienna Riley (4th), Carolina Sierra (5th)

Varsity LD: Sierra Dilworth (2nd),Katie Stobie (5th), Noah Love (6th)

Public Forum: Annabelle Pukas/Cain Roettig (3rd), Michael Buls/Josh Wolf (6th), Zach Hong/Clayton Strickland (7th), Tristan Jennings/Austin Floyd (8th) 

Legi: Melissa Roybal (6th), Kenzie Griffin (7th), Kaesha Mertes-Wright (8th)

Pride Award Winners: Annie Jones & Kaitlyn Dittmer

Monday, December 12, 2016

Dillon/Whitefish Results


Flathead finished 1ST in Dillon
 We had a total of 17 finalists:

INFORMATIVEBhodi Hollman (1st), Andrew Brooks (5th), Jacob Beaudoin (6th), Paige Sweem (7th) 

ORATORY:  Leah Liebig (4th), Gavin Cate (5th), Anna Hedinger (6th)

MPA: Morgan Kelly (4th)

DICharcy Ricks Bullock (2nd), Nissa Guvench (7th)
HI: Dalton Brubaker (4th)

Impromptu: Abe Otto (2nd), Sabrina Orr (4th), Anika Bennetts (6th)
Extemp: Amanda Cardin (1st), Kylie Olson (2nd), Stella Davison (4th)

Pride Award Winners: Morgan Kelly & Kylie Olson
Flathead finished 2nd in Whitefish
 We had a total of 7 finalists
INFORMATIVE: Tristan Phillips (2nd), Sienna Riley (4th)

ORATORY:  Emma Thompson (2nd), kaitlyn Dittmer (6th) 
MPA: Zach Rasmussen (3rd) 
Public Forum: Austin Floyd & Tristan Jennings (7th)
Pride Award Winners: Nick Weaver & Scott O'Donnell

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Travel Info Whitefish/Dillon

Bus leaves FHS after school on Friday - Try to be on the bus by 3:30.

Coaches Attending:                     Lodging:
Mrs. Mason and Mr. Guthrie                   Comfort Inn

Tournament Location:
Beaverhead County High School

                                           Speech/Drama Events                             Debate Events                                             Extemp Draw will be 30 min. prior to each Round.
                                    R1                8:30 am                                  8:00 am
                                    R2               10:00 am                                 9:30 am
                                    R3               11:30 am                                 11:00 am
                                    R4               1:30 pm                                  1:00 pm
                                    Finals          3:00 pm                                3:00 pm

Concessions will be available

 Bus leaves FHS Saturday Morning at 7:00 AM.

Coaches Attending:                   
Mrs. Niva, Mrs. Dykhuizen, and Mr. Hennell

Tournament Location:
Whitefish Middle School & Whitefish High School

*Added concern:*
Whitefish high school has several students with severe peanut and other nut allergies. Due to the need to decontaminate surfaces thoroughly if there is contact, please be aware and respectful of the "NUT-FREE ZONE" signs around the building. This includes several tables in the cafeteria that are clearly marked.

                                 Speech/Drama Events                               Debate Events                                             Extemp Draw will be 30 min. prior to each Round.
                                    R1                8:30 am                                 8:00 am
                                    R2               10:00 am                                10:00 am
                                    R3               11:30 am                                 12:00 am
                                    R4               1:30 pm                                  2:00 pm
                                    Finals          4:00 pm                                4:00 pm

Unsure of concessions


Monday, December 5, 2016

Helena/Carroll Results


Flathead finished 3rd
 We had a total of 14 finalists:

INFORMATIVEJulia Wynne (2nd Place) 

ORATORY:  Emma Thompson (3rd)

MPA: Riley Jochim (4th)

DIMoriah Schutt (6th) Nikki Sauter (8th)
HI: Hunter Driear (2nd Place)
Program Oral Interp: Nikki Sauter (5th), Charcy Ricks Bullock (7th), Abigail Brooks (8th)

Impromptu: Carolina Sierra (7th)
Varsity LD:
Sierra Dilworth (2nd)

Public Forum: Annabelle Pukas & Cain Roettig (8th) 

Legi: Melissa Roybal (8th)

Pride Award Winners: Reed Miller & Tanis Hadwin


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Helena Travel Info

Helena’s Dusty Roads Invitational
Dec 2-3, 2016

Students will be school sponsored for the full day on Friday. Bus leaves at 7:30 sharp. Please be on time.
Students will be school sponsored for the full day Friday, and the bus will leave from FHS at 7:30 AM sharp. DON’T BE LATE. Our expected return is sometime between 11:00 PM and midnight on Saturday—we’ll have the kids call when we get close.
We will be staying at La Quinta
Coaches Attending: 
Mrs. O’Donnell, Mr. O’Donnell, Mr. Antley, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Dilworth, Mrs. Dykhuizen
Tourney Schedule:   
Friday, December 2nd            Saturday, December 3rd

DEBATE (all @ Carroll College)
Round I            4:00 pm                             Round IV     8:00 am
Round II          6:00 pm                              Round V       10:00am
Round III         8:00pm                               Quarters     1:00 pm
                                                                    Semis          3:00 pm
                                                                    Finals          5:00 pm
SPEECH EVENTS (@ Capital H.S.)
Round I           4:30pm                               Round IV      9:00am
Round II         6:30pm                                Round V      11:00am
Round III        8:30pm                                Sems           1:30 pm
                                                                    Finals           3:30 pm

Extemp draw will be held 30 minutes before each round

Awards ceremony will be held at 6:00 
Helena Capital Auditorium
Other Items: Dress in Competition clothes throughout the day (including the awards). Speech Students Remember your TIMERS!